Random Sample in Advanced Filters

Random Sample in Advanced Filters

Right now, there are 3 ways of using Random Sample if you're using Advanced Filters in the Smart List section of your campaign, and unless I'm mistaken there are problems with each:

     1. Creating a separate smart list with a random sample of leads and including a member of that list filter in the campaign you're running

          Problem - you won't get the desired random sample % if you have additional filters on your campaign. E.g. if you have a 30% random sample list that you're including, the filters           on the campaign will decrease the number.

     2. Use Random Sample as a "Choice" in the Flow step

          Problem - this is inefficient as you're pulling in more than the desired amount of leads, and then only including some via random sample.

     3. Put all of your other filter criteria in a smart list and use that as a "Member of Smart List" filter in your campaign along with the Random Sample filter. This makes it so you don't           need Advanced Filters.

          Problem - not ideal in providing visibility for filters and you need to create a 2nd smart list. On the plus side, if you need that 2nd smart list in other campaigns, it could work well.

The easiest way would be to allow the Random Sample filter to be used with Advanced Filters. Seems like this design forces unnecessary workarounds.

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