"Simulated Live" Integration with Marketo

"Simulated Live" Integration with Marketo

As customers utilize newer features within GTW, the use case for this feature will grow and it would ideal for the integration with Marketo to support this.

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Integration is not able to see a webinar that has been set up as a "Simulated Live" record type in GoToWebinar. 

This is important because we want to scale our webinar program by reusing resources - a webinar would be run, recorded and then scheduled in advance using Simulated Live - a huge time saver for Marketing teams. It also allows us to reuse the webinar resource in multiple time zones without local Marketing teams needing to be there to set up/run/monitor/end the webinar...this has been talked about within the community since 2017, and it is shocking we don't have this enhancement available yet.

The automation would make the integration so much more valuable and we could scale our program so much. Please consider adding this!!

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Here's what I got back from our success manager regarding Marketo switching to GTW's V2 API, which is out there for ages but not used by the Marketo adapter:

"Right now we don’t have plans to upgrade to the V2 API. I think it would make more sense to look at this closer towards the end of the year and seeing if it can make the 2021 roadmap."

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Did I miss something here?  GTW updated their App to V2.  Marketo LaunchPoint still has the OLD APP.  As a user, my expectation is that ONLY Marketo Approved current Vendor Apps would be in the LaunchPoint Library.  So if a Vendor updates their App, wouldn't Marketo automatically have the most recent version always available?  After all this is now 2020!