Provide the "Change Owner" flow action for MS Dynamics users

Provide the "Change Owner" flow action for MS Dynamics users

Believe it or not, the "change owner" flow action is not available to use in our smart campaigns for those of us that are MS Dynamics CRM customers - this is only available for SFDC.  This makes it difficult to ensure our leads are routed to the approrpriate marketer once a lead becomes marketing qualified.  Since our leads are synced to CRM as soon as they hit the "suspect" stage, the lead owner may change once the lead hits MQL status.

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We could use this as well.  Its such a basic field operation.  Also makes it so much easier to reassign leads when a person's role changes, or when there is a territory change.
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Does Marketo have this on their current roadmap?  This continue to be a major issue for us considering lead owners change constantly.

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Hi guys,

I think this can be done now. I'm new to Marketo, but I have created a Smart Campaign and it let me choose who to assign when Syncing the record.

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