Progressive Profiling: Checkboxes Should Not Be Hidden Before a Submit


Progressive Profiling: Checkboxes Should Not Be Hidden Before a Submit

If you have progressive profiling enabled on a form and have checkboxes on that form and have checkboxes that are defaulted to "checked", then these checkboxes will disappear if the page is visited twice (or if the page is refreshed) by the same user, but never submitted.

Marketo support claim that this is by design (support case # 129497), but to me this is very much a bug and needs to be fixed. 

My logic:
If a user has never submitted the values, they have never given the signal that the values are correct or accepted by them. If these checkboxes are indicating "opt-in" acceptance, for example, they need to stay visible until a submit action has taken place.

The fact that they will be hidden before a submit seems to say that just viewing them once is the equivalent of submitting them. I totally disagree with this logic and I do not see any other fields that behave this way. 

My conclusion is that there's a bug with the checkbox field's progressive profiling logic. I'd like to see this fixed.
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Agree with you about this.  The progressive form normally continues to display a form field that doesn't have a value, but the boolean fields are displayed as picklists with Yes / No selections and you can't leave it blank, so Marekto assumes that it has a value.

A possible workaround is to select the checkbox field in the Always Show section of the Progressive Profiling set up dialog box.
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Hi Elliot and Brice,

You can change the field type from "Checkbox" to "Checkboxes" and only enter one value in the edit values. It would look like this:

Then litteraly nothing will be saved, if they don't check this.

We had the problem, where leads - who were already subscribed to the newsletter - filled out a form, and didn't check the newsletter permission box, and then had their permission removed, and then complained they didn't get any newsletters from us, and this was the reason why. This fix changed that. 🙂
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