Prevent CRM synch

Prevent CRM synch

I'd like to see an EASY way to prevent a collection of leads from synching to CRM. My present issue is leads from embargoed countries. I don't even want them in SFDC. I'd also like an easy way to setup these designations - e.g. in a lead partition, or members of a program, etc.

I would also use this for other scenarios such as staff, testers, etc. There are a variety of situations where this would be extremely helpful.

The thought of having to go in and retrofit hundreds of campaigns to add in exclusion steps for something like this is depressing.
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How do you have your sync setup today?

I have heard that you can ask Marketo to not sync by default.  Then you would control which Marketo leads are synced to the CRM simply with how you construct your smartcampaigns that actually execute that sync. So maybe the logic is [Inferred Country=United States OR Country=United States, then  Flowstep is Sync to SFDC]... Relying on the Inferred Country field seems to be the key to appropriately detecting leads from particular geographies.
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If you really want to make sure no lead will be pushed to SFDC, based on a rule, here is an example on how to do it (in this example, it's based on which partition the lead is stored in):


  • Create a field "Sync to SFDC" in SFDC, on the LEAD object, type checkbox.
  • Do the same on CONTACTS, but as a formula, value always "TRUE" (this is not mandatory, it's only for the consistency of your marketo Database)
  • Create a validation rule in SFDC that prevents any LEAD to be created by the Marketo user (based on profile) with this box unchecked (Sync  to SFDC = false).
  • Create a workflow in SFDC that checks the box (sync to SFDC = true) for any LEAD created by a user that is NOT the Marketo user.
  • In Marketo, create a smart campaign that fires when a lead is created or when a lead is changed partition and sets the value of the box to true or false, depending on the partition. 


The reason to set a strict system is because pushing leads to SFDC can also happen inadvertenly (for instance through adding a lead to a program). See my writings about implicit sync here: