Prevent Cloning of Non-Approved Programs

Prevent Cloning of Non-Approved Programs

As our team grows we rely on cloning programs more and more frequently. One issue that comes up in doing this is that members of the marketing team will clone from the next closest program in their folder vs cloning from one of the admin maintained and approved "template" programs we've setup.

It would be awesome to prevent cloning of programs that are not approved by admins to help minimize inconsistent or modified programs from being cloned.

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I recognise this issue from experience.

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How would a program be "approved"?  Today, it's the assets and smart campaigns within the programs that get approved/activated (not the programs themselves).  So are you asking for two enhancements?:

  1. The ability to first "approve" programs in some fashion
  2. Only allow those "approved" programs to be cloned?
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Sorry for the confusion around "approved" programs . By approved I don't mean in the Marketo approve smart campaign approved sense. For some clarity in our company myself and a couple of other Marketo Admins/Power Users maintain a series of shell programs that include all of the logic built out in for the smart campaigns, starter point local emails, local landing pages, etc... that we serve out to the rest of the marketing organization.

From a process side when we make an update to system (usually coming from a change in SFDC or our reporting infrastructure) we will update our master program templates so the next time they are cloned for a new program by the marketing team, the marketing team will be using the most up-to-date version of how programs should be configured. However what we see happening more often is that our marketing users will clone their previous programs instead of the program templates we've built out. It's difficult to enforce when the team grows and old habits die hard for some.

This feature request would give the admins (or whatever specific user role) the ability to tag certain programs as "templates" which in turn would lock down the and prevent "non-template" programs from being cloned by marketing users.

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