Planned Trigger Smart Campaign Deactivation

Planned Trigger Smart Campaign Deactivation

We should be able to turn on a smart campaign via trigger and plan when it will get deactivated. For example: You have a smart campaign to track if someone opens an email. You would be able to tell said smart campaign to deactivate after a week or two since it won't be needed past that time. This way you don't have to keep track of every trigger campaign running or have a ton of useless triggers running.

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Shawn - here are some existing ideas that are pretty similar to this one (I do like it, though):

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One thing we do to get around this is to add a "Date of Activity" constraint to some of our triggers.  This way the trigger will stop processing after a certain date and then we ether deactivate or update it at a later date.  This doesn't really help much for emails, but this is our current work around for our quarterly web campaigns.


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