Phone number for support team

Phone number for support team


It would be nice to have the phone number for Marketo support easily available and not something I have to dig around to find when I need it. In particular, since I have a named support engineer, it would be nice to have his name and contact info on my community page somewhere also - so I have one place to go quickly look if I need to call and/or email for assistance.
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Support's details are: (must send from authorized email address)

Americas (Portland, OR or San Mateo, CA)

Hours: M-F, 6am to 6pm Pacific Online:

Email: Toll Free US: +1.877.270.6586 Direct: +1.650.376.2302

Europe, Middle East, & Africa (Ireland)

Hours: M-F, 8am to 5pm GMT Online: Email: Phone: +353 (0)1 242 3030

Asia Pacific (Sydney, Australia)

Hours: M-F, 9am to 6pm Australia Eastern Time Online:
Direct: +1.650.376.2302 

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I just wanted to mention that all of this information is easily found by clicking support, then "about support."  I printed the page out when I was new to Marketo and tacked it to my bulletin board.  These days I have memorized the number 🙂

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While all relevant support information can be found in the "About Support" link in the Support Portal, we are looking at ways to expand available support information for our customers, so you can expect to see some changes to support coming in 2014.
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This is good.  I have it saved in my phone.  I ran into this issue as well, especially when we were on the premier support plan.  It was hard to find the premier support number.  It would be cool if under your profile you could see what support you have, the appropriate number, who your success manager is, their contact info, and who your sales rep is with their contact info.  
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I had a hard time finding this information.  I only found it when I searched and landing on this post.

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