Period Cost to folders

Period Cost to folders

Would be great if we can associate a period cost to all programs in a folder similar to Parent and Child Tokens.
I can’t keep adding a cost to every program every month, it’s too time consuming.
If all programs are housed in certain folders they can all be updated with a global cost and local cost at the program level.

This way I can add or edit a Global folder cost.
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Your a super start Cheryl!

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And I just found out today from Liz that getting an idea into production no-longer gets points! We had this in the last community platform. We need to bring that back Elliott!

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It would be a nice mission to achieve.  If not, maybe they will provide a cut of the revenue  

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Cheryl - is there a way to add a period cost to the channel level rather than adding a period cost to every program within a channel?

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