Option to synch only successes

Option to synch only successes


We have Marketo integrated with Salesforce. With every program set up in MKTO we create a sync with a campaign in SFDC.

However, as we don´t want to push all our leads from Marketo to SFDC we have to add a Sync to SFDC flow step into each campaign that represents a success program status and  then remove the sync on program level after creation.

An example would be a program for a newsletter where the program status 'Sent email' would apply on all members of the program whilst the second program status 'Engaged' would only apply on all members that actually click a link in the email. For us it is only of interest to sync the leads that actually took action.

An idea to make this less time-consuming for us would be that when setting up the campaign at program level, the 'Salesforce Campaign Sync' - 'not set' would show the option to sync all program statuses OR only successes.



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It's not true we already have it partially. The only way to do this is not to add leads to sync'ed programs, which is not an acceptable workaround.

This duplicates other ideas such as this one:


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