Opportunity influence analyzer - Accessible for Sales

Opportunity influence analyzer - Accessible for Sales

It would be very useful to have the Opportunity influence analyzer accessible live to Sales. Maybe a specific page accessible via password only?

All my Sales wanted to have access to it to check who interacts with what etc.. But I do no want to create a new user profile for all of them not even with the minimum access.

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You can actually have opportunity analyzer available to sales via salesforce opportunity report. It is even better as you can run an opportunity report in salesforce and pull opp analyzer drag to report.

In this way the sales can see all his opportunities, next colum has the opportunity analyzer icon to click and see marketing influences and touches againt those opportunity.

In this way you are not restricted to see one opportunity by a whole list of opportunity owned by sales.

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Hi Bamah,

This is interesting and definitely a better option.
However, I already have an Opportunity type report in SFDC but could't find the mentionned field...
Could you tell me how is it exactly called in SFDC?

Thank you
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I am afraid I can't remember but it will look like the Marketo icon purple. As I am with another organization I do not have Opportunity analyzer to show you. Apologies. But I have definietly pulled those report. In fact I had a post on that but since I have moved org they do not move all your Q& A just the points.

Here is an article that maybe helpful the icon is similar to the one shown here.
Opportunity Influencer Analyzer


Hope this helps
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Hello everyone,

the get the field available in SFDC you need your admin to create it. See here How to add the Opportunity Influence Analyzer to your Salesforce Opportunities

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