Notification of Send Alert Failures/False Positives

Notification of Send Alert Failures/False Positives

I recently discovered that it is a known behavior for Marketo to report a false positive Send Alert activity if there is an invalid email address (missing '@' was my particular issue) on the 'To Other Emails' list for a Send Alert flow steps. Marketo shows the send just like any other in the Activity Log, but the email doesn't actually get processed properly on the backend and is never sent to the inbox of any of the cc'd emails. There aren't any details about the failure in the activity details. No system errors are logged either.

It would be great for there to be something that we can use to internally monitor these errors.

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That's a tough call because there are so many other exception handling requests I'd rather Marketo work on.

I tend to see people (including me) just set it and forget it. I always try to get my team to monitor a new program for at least a few days to spot errors. You may actually see this error in the Results Tab either through it's absence or it may say "Send Alert" Error - malformed email.

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Josh, I would be perfectly content with manually looking for errors in the results tab but the Send Alert activity is on the list, and it looks exactly like other successful sends. There is absolutely zero indication of a failure. The only way to know it didn't go through was to cross-reference the send dates with the recipient(s) inbox.

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