New Trigger: Opportunity Created

New Trigger: Opportunity Created

Our sales team has the ability to create new opportunities from contacts only. The reason we have done this is to assure that a primary contact role gets assigned to every opportunity. Unfortunately, Marketo doesn't recognize this action as a contact being "Added to Opportunity"  and there is no other trigger that allows for us to identify. Please help!

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Are you using the lifecycle statuses MQL[MQC], SAL[SAC], and SQL [SQC]? If so, then any lead or contact on an opp will be moved to SQL or SQC when they are added to an opportunity. There is a trigger for data values changing which you can use for this. Hope that helps!

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Do you mean when you're in Salesforce (I assume) and in a contact record and there's a button "New Opportunity". WHen you click that it automatically adds the contact as a contact role and it's not recognizing that the contact was added to the oppt because in reality it wasn't added, it came out of the opportunity? That's a huge issue! I'll upvote.

One thing that you can do is use the nightly alignment to identify these people and fix them, but I agree it's not ideal.

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One thing you can do to automate this is set up a trigger in Salesforce which takes the Primary Contact and adds it to the Opportunity with an Opportunity Contact Role. This will go a long way towards improving reporting in both systems, and is a benefit-add on the SFDC side alone. Once the contact gets added to the Opportunity via an Opportunity Contact Role, it will show up in Marketo.

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Yes, that's exactly what I mean! Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that!

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So basically I'm just re-adding the primary contact to the opportunity again? That's a good suggestion. I'll see how that works.

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