New Flow Step for Engagement Programs : "Reset received content"

New Flow Step for Engagement Programs : "Reset received content"

When using engagement programs, after a couple of months, a significant proportion of the EP members exhaust content without having clicked or nothing. We pause them and/or move them to another (empty) stream.

After a while, some of us will create a new EP with new content or reuse existing programs. Some will prefer to update the content (add new, update some, archive obsolete) in existing streams. A few months later, some leads requalify for the program (for instance, they reegage with a form fillout). But then, these leads will only receive the content that has been added since they were paused. And yet, not only they had not reacted to the older content, but have event probably forgotten that they have received it.

It would add a lot of flexibility if we had a flow step that would enable us to reset the information about which content has already been sent to a lead. We could reset the whole program, a whole stream or event some specific content in a stream.


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