New Channel type optimized for CEE "Engagement Score"

New Channel type optimized for CEE "Engagement Score"

The CEE's new Engagement Score is based on:

- Clicks, opens, and unsubscribes for an email
- Membership (or success?) for a Program

So the metrics aren't as good for calculating Engagement Score because you could be talking apples and oranges when comparing an email in the stream vs a program.

I propose a new Channel that resembles the "Event with Webinar" Channel, but for Email Blasts. "Event with Webinar" has a "Webinar Behavior" column for each status that I presume is used by the event adapter to communicate with Webex, G2W, etc. Create a similar email channel, where "Email Behavior" is used in your Engagement Score algorithm, rather than Program membership/success.

If nothing else, put it in the Treasure Chest for me 🙂

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