Multiple Sales Owner in Salesforce

Multiple Sales Owner in Salesforce

On our CRM, we have multiple Sales Owners tagged to a single Lead Or Contact record due to different Line of Business. We understand Marketo only captures the Standard Sales Owner details on these fields:

  • Sales Owner First Name
  • Sales Owner Last Name
  • Sales Owner Title
  • Sales Owner Phone Number
  • Sales Owner Email Address

For other Owner fields (Lookup Fields) that we have in Salesforce, Marketo can only sync the Salesforce ID's. In this case, we need to create a custom text field in Salesforce to copy the text value from the Owner Lookup field. However, to capture all above field information and to send personalized emails in Marketo with different Sales Owners, we need to create multiple custom fields in Salesforce. Since our records are tagged with more than 3 Sales Owners in Salesforce, we don't want to end up creating 15 to 20 custom fields to sync these information to Marketo.

We really would like send personalized emails from Marketo with different Sales Owner details tagged on the Contact or Lead record, without creating many custom fields in Salesforce.

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Just noting here that use cases like this can be solved with a custom object and a bit of Velocity--essentially, you'd copy your User table from Salesforce (so you'd have the Salesforce ID, First, Last, Email, Phone, etc. as separate custom object values floating as a reference object), then reference the ID value in Velocity to translate things into the values you're looking for.

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