Multi-lingual friendly labels in single form

Multi-lingual friendly labels in single form

It would be great to have a form be able to render in multi-languages as desired so that a single form could be used across regions and changed with a single change (i.e. drop-down selector?) when you drag the form on a page so that all corresponding friendly labels and help/error text change based on selection.  That way, we wouldn't have to have the same form cloned and adjusted for the 8 languages we support.  Ideally, the options could be created/edited once (at the form level) so that if an adjustment is made (i.e. friendly label goes from "Email" to "Business Email") that it could be a single change - but the subsequent decision to use the form in whatever language happens when you drag the form on an LP.
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Excellent idea  -  I second it, we also have different countries and languages to handle in Marketo.  This would be a significant progress step forward to have.

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If tokens could be nested this would be a piece of cake (token within a token).
Especially if custom tokens could be universal and not just specific to a given program....
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Has this idea ever been developed yet?

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Not natively, but it's quite possible using the Forms API.

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