Modifying Field Names

Modifying Field Names

It would be helpful to be able to modify the name of a Field in the Field Management section, even if it is incorporated in a form.  If I want to rename something once it is in a form, I have to remove it from any forms it is included in, head back to the Admin section to make the necessary changes, then go back to the form and add the field back in.

It would be ideal if changing the field name would domino across any fields it is used in, eliminating the need to go back and forth and creating double work.
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This is a little tricky as the Forms 1.0 external forms and API integrations would have broken because your website or code would still have the old field names on it.

With Forms 2.0 though, it becomes more possible. Certainly makes sense.
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+1 Vote.  This shouldn't be difficult.  Most systems I've used have a Visual Name and a System Name for a field.  You can modify the visual name all you want without breaking any connections.  I am currently spending a couple of hours making a change to the field name that would only take me a few minutes in most other systems. Come on Marketo, it's little time sucks like this that make us consider alternative MA solutions.

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