Globally store values for a country picklist

Globally store values for a country picklist

The State field when placed in a form keeps values every time we use it but the country field we have had to add values each time we create a form. This has been painful as we have had a few changes of list with removing embargo countries, matching SFDC list and I have to open all forms and update the country list values.

We setup like this -

I was hoping that I could create and maintain one country list and thought that this had the answer using a segment but I see it is about smart campaign rather than a form value list -

Support has confirmed that this is not possible currently and suggested I submit as an idea so here it is!
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It would be great when you get around to developing this that it 1. stores display values for other languages and 2. allows user when building a form with country field to select which language applied to the form.

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