Member of Program Filter: Organize Program Status Constraint

Member of Program Filter: Organize Program Status Constraint

I would like to see the Program Statuses organized by Channel when selecting statuses for the Member of Program filter.

Ideally, the program statuses will only show for the programs selected in the filter (so we do not get broken smart lists without warning) [].

Currently when you add a filter for Member of Program, a constraint can be added for Program Status. When you choose statuses to include, the drop down shows all program statuses from all channels, in an odd order.

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Max Suckle​ At a minimum, this could be alphabetical . I'll look into the logic behind this. The lack of room around a pulldown action could be the challenge.


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Ran Liu

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Honestly any explainable logical order would suffice for me.

There is too much human error is going line by line in that type of list.

Thanks for looking into this, I am excited to see the results!

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It's also difficult because you can't search by channel. For example, i have "attended" as a status for 5 channels, but if I'm searching for "webinar > attended" I can't just type "webinar" and view all the statuses for that specific channel.

That would be extremely helpful as well.

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