Member of Engagement Program \ choose which program

Member of Engagement Program \ choose which program

When you click "Add Choice" to include an if statement, please change Member of Engagement Program from a boolean true/false, but instead to the name of the Engagement Program.


Use Case - If you can set here the Member of Engagement Program = a Different Engagement program, then you can only pause people if they are a member of that program already. Otherwise pausing someone in an engagement campaign that they are not a member of, adds them to the campaign so they appear in the other's metrics. Not so handy.

It will make things easier if this field is open for the program name. I have dealt with this issue by splitting the campaigns that move people between programs from 3 into 9 campaigns. It does the same thing without adding people to the various programs who shouldn't be there.
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And yes I know that the screenshot I included is "Add to Engagement Program" not "Change Engagement Program Cadence", but the "add choice" remains the same options regardless.
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The workaround is here:

Why are my choices applying on a lead if they are not a member of the program?

I agree it's not 100% ideal, but it is fairly easy to do. There are a lot of other upgrades to Engagements I'd like to see before this one.

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