Marketo "Images & Files" Stored in Proper Subdirectories

Marketo "Images & Files" Stored in Proper Subdirectories

In the Design Studio, our images are sorted into folders. The URLs of these images do not currently mirror this folder structure. They should.

"/images/template1/background.png" is not the same as "/images/template2/background.png". In the current Marketo asset structure, these are both "/images/background.png". 

We're making branded Marketo landing page templates to mirror our website that is in development. The idea is that the user will seamlessly transition between landing pages and our main website. This means the same CSS, JS, and images. We use and prefer relative paths in the CSS. Because DRY, and so we have flexibility in where/how we host files.

We would prefer to host assets (images, CSS, JS) in Marketo.
I would love to clone the asset structure that we use for our websites as-is. This is currently unavailable in Marketo. Uploading assets and organizing them by folder is not replicated in the actual directories of the assets. That is, uploading images/JS/CSS to Marketo lumps it all into the same /images/ folder, even if it's not organized that way in the Design Studio. Without replicating the asset directory structure, all of the CSS needs to be rewritten (e.g., "background-image: url(/img/icons/contact.png" needs to be rewritten as "background-image: url(/images/contact.png)").

Having assets (Marketo-hosted) in the same folder means that files with the same name are overridden. While /img/icons/contact.png and /img/header/contact.png are different files on an externally-hosted website, they have the same URL when hosted in Marketo: /images/contact.png. 

Why not host these assets externally?
This works when our external website is on the live production server, but not for development. We are currently needing to develop both the website and the landing pages concurrently, so that the roll-out of the new website can be done at the same time as the new Marketo landing pages. 
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This has been my main complaint with Design Studio from the very beginning.  Not being able to have multiple assets with the same name but different folder structure (program1/hero-header.jpg vs program2/hero-header.jpg) makes creating true templates and clonable programs very difficult.

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