Marketo Program - SFDC Campaign 1:1 sync expiry date

Marketo Program - SFDC Campaign 1:1 sync expiry date


We experienced a lot of errors in the Marketo SFDC integration due to a 1/ high volume of webinars 2/ with a lot of members.

After a while the sync generated errors that stacked-up especially related to the GoTowebinar and Zoom integrations that put the global sync on the knees.

The good practice out of this situation is to inactivate the SFDC campaigns one hand but on the other hand it would be a great safety measure to be able to put an expiry date when we decide to sync a marketo program with an SFDC campaign (because honestly, one never comes back on a past webinar to manually remove the SFDC integration)

Once the date reaches the expiry date, the sync would be automatically removed for this program.



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@Sylvain_Davril2   I had a similar idea about expiry date on assets such as images or links.

I agree that when running a 100+ or more webinars a year an automatic expiration date to SFDC campaigns would help keep the instance being efficient