Marketo Program Overview/View:Summary Report

Marketo Program Overview/View:Summary Report

Hi Marketo team,

would be great if we have a report in the Analytics section of Marketo, that will show us overview/view:summary details of the programs in it, such as:

- Channel

- Created

- Last Modified

- Salesforce Campaign Sync

- Total Members

- Acquired By

- Socially Acquired

- Success

- as well as the Members by Program Status details

Basically, it is the View:Summary details we are interested in to see in a report, where the columns of the report are the details we see on the Summary View of each program.

Many thanks,

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Some of these are already available in the program performance report. Obviously, some, such as Created, Last Modified or SFDC Campaign Sync are missing, but may be some enhancement to the Program Perf Report would to the job ?


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what does 'Success' mean in the view: summary?