Manually Adding New Lead - Give us More Fields!

Manually Adding New Lead - Give us More Fields!

Perhaps I'm missing a setting, but when manually adding a new lead to Marketo it would be such a better experience if we had the option to fill in a more detailed profile of the lead.

When I click "New Lead" from the Lead Database, all I can add is the name, email, and company.

What about phone number, title, address, employee size, etc?

To have to enter the initial info, save, then reopen the full lead record and have to click through the lead and company tabs to add the additional details is a whole lot of extra clicks for such a simple task. I mean least let me add the title and phone number....pretty please.

Can I customize what input fields are available to me on that "New Lead" creation dialog box? If not, that should really be added.



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Hi David,

Have you got any answers or workaround for this?

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