Making workspaces and partitions archivable.


Making workspaces and partitions archivable.

Workspaces and Partitions should be archivable.


I am new to community posting but I was told this is the only way we might see a solution to this issue.  We use workspaces for different clients and we can not have data crossing between projects and in some of our projects we have HIPAA Concerns and legally can not.  The biggest issue for us is that when we end our contract with a client, there is no way to archive the workspace.  I see this as a major issue for us because every year we are adding to this structure and there is no way to clean it up.  

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Not too sure I would mix data from different clients in a single instance in the first place. For starters, an unsubscribe for one client will mean the same email address is unsubscribed for all. Not to mention other potential duplicates pitfalls.