Make the email "Edit Code" warning more obvious

Make the email "Edit Code" warning more obvious

The warning:

Note: Editing Code outside of editable elements will break this email from its template

could be much more pronounced in the UI - I've seen it come up a few times in the community and more than a few times helping clients correct the issue of emails broken away from the templates (the modules panel becomes inactive).


Marekto "Edit Code" functionality warning in the Email editor


From a UI perspective, that top box makes me think Im getting more info about the asset and the light gray icon box makes it seem like something not important to the experience, more of a supporting cast than lead role -- which is great for the Template Name and the Search Code button (those are accessories) but not for the functionality warning in italics.

Not only is the lowest item in the visual hierarchy for that top section (least bold font, italics, 2nd line), the content that it is coupled with kind of mix information (nice to haves) and requirements (must-haves)


Remove the italics from the info box and put up a red or yellow (more caution, more obvious contrast) box above/below the info box, but above the code box with a warning symbol and a bold message. Rather than "Note: ..." perhaps "WARNING: ..." would get noticed more.

It would also be nice if below that were a line of italic text to explain the warning, something to the effect of: "breaking this email from its template will disallow the use of modules for this asset. Consider editing code outside of the editable elements on the template". This would gel with the "Current Template" link in the info panel and make for a more intuitive UX. 

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