Make Marketo be able to sync Dynamics multi-select field

Make Marketo be able to sync Dynamics multi-select field

Dear Marketo Engineer,

I would like to submit an idea regarding syncing a multi-select field between Dynamics to Marketo. (screenshot attached)Dynamics Multiselect screenshot.png

We have this multi-select field (called: Attributes) in our Dynamics. It is a drop-down list, and you can select multiple field values at the same time. This multi-select field cannot currently sync to our Marketo instance because this feature is not now available in Marketo.

It will be great to have this sync feature between Dynamics and Marketo as this multi-select field gives us valuable information.

Thank you so much!

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I completely agree with Wayne as I have 2 Marketo-Dynamics customers  as clients that just happened to create multi-select fields for the first time only to learn we can't see them in Marketo. I have seen the strides being made to bring the Marketo-Dynamics experience more on par with the Marketo-SFDC experience so it would be helpful to know if this is simply a matter or prioritization or if there's an actual blocker on the Dynamics side? I found this post that's 3 years old which talks about some of the things you cannot do with this field. Is API access one that they didn't list here?

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Hi, there, 

Thanks for your response. I think this is a feature that Marketo has yet to implement between the integrations (Marketo & Dynamics). I hope they will release this feature in the future soon!