Email version identification and test increment #s appended to SLs for Sample Test Emails


Email version identification and test increment #s appended to SLs for Sample Test Emails

I've looked throughout the knowledgebase for this but maybe I'm not searching with the right keywords?


Today when we send sample test emails the word "TEST" gets appended to the beginning of the Subject line of that test email.  What would be a great integrated feature to the sample email sends is to automatically increment the test in the SL i.e. "TEST1", "TEST2", "TEST3" each time a new test gets sent out. We have many hands in the cookie jar in our marketing department who have a lot of input on our email communications (nature of the beast I guess) but it means we send many many tests for email review and confirmation. It can get mind-boggling but what would be great is if Marketo incremented the test so I can go back to my stakeholders and say the latest test is "TEST3" or please review "TEST2" for the latest update to x section of the email.. 


In addition to this, some of our nurture campaigns have multiple versions we are sending depending on the goal of the campaign. And those emails can be so closely similar that it becomes difficult to identify which version you are reviewing.  it would be great for a program that has many email versions to be able to append a version value after the word "TEST" for the sample test email (i.e. Version A, Version B, Version X, etc) but really it should be any value the program creator/manager deems meaningful to the sample email recipient. 


Does this feature already exist in Marketo that can be leveraged? Maybe I'm missing it. If not this would be a feature request I have. 


I had used an ESP called Emarsys which had this capability built-in but in that prior life it was used for consumer marketing where we always had multiple versions and numerous test emails sent out. I'm now in a B2B (ABM) organization using Marketo but it would be nice to have and add a level of transparency for our stakeholders when we send out test emails for review.