Make internal stakeholder email addresses bypass communication send limits


Make internal stakeholder email addresses bypass communication send limits

Hi all,


I have an internal user who wants to see all emails that go out at the time in which they go out (not sending a sample). The only workaround to this is by creating duplicate emails (assets), and duplicate smart campaigns. I would say we could use the same smart campaign and add choices for Email Address is (send to X person, etc.), but we are using the choice section for Random Sample A/B Testing. My point, overall, is that this becomes a major headache when you need to do, a Newsletter, for example. We don't have our segmentation up yet, and not sure how granular segmentation gets on an Email Performance Report. This is why we have separate emails and smart campaigns set up - i.e. Japan Email, China Email, Korea Email, Australia Email, Singapore Email, and India Email. If I need to send to the internal user without her being skipped due to communication send limits, I need to create 12 emails now. 6 non-operational for the main audience, and 6 operational for our internal user. And since I'm doing the A/B Testing, I now have to have 12 smart campaigns, instead of 6. I understand the segmentation piece would be helpful, but again, we have those broken out for a reason on reporting. If anyone has any ideas, or could share some feedback, that would be helpful, but it would make life a whole lot easier if there was an option to make specific email addresses operational with an out-of-the-box method, but Marketo support said that doesn't exist yet and that I should share my idea to the Community. Curious to hear what you all think. Happy Marketo!