Make Form Submit Button a Guided Landing Page Variable

Make Form Submit Button a Guided Landing Page Variable

I'd like the ability to have the submit button text in a form be a variable that can be set in a guided landing page. It is possible to set the submit button text to a token (e.g. {{my.Submit Button Text}})--if the landing page lives within a program.

However, for landing pages in design studio, it isn't possible to re-use the same form across multiple landing pages if the submit button text is different. I'd like to be able to set the form submit button to something like ${submit-button-text} and then set this at the landing page level for more dynamic forms. This would prevent having to create duplicate form assets just to change what the button says. I could write some JS to do this dynamically, but this feels like something that should be out of the box.

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I like the idea, but I wouldn't make it a template variable, I would actually make it so when you click "Edit Form" in the Guided LP editor that it could expose some lightweight customization for you.

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Either way! I just don't want to have to edit the actual form asset. I want the submit button text to be decoupled from the form asset and editable at the page level.

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