Advanced matching to facebook with phone numbers


Advanced matching to facebook with phone numbers

Could we have Marketo advanced matching include the mobile/phone numbers as a field to match to Facebook. At the moment, I don't think Facebook lets us use the phone number field for matching, but if it can, then that would be excellent, as it will help increase match rates to a large extent, given that most people have their mobile numbers in Facebook.

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I think this is an interesting idea as a marketer, but very wary of this as a Facebook consumer....

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HI Christina,

It may even be tightly controlled by privacy regulations in many countries. The minimum would probably that we would have to ask for permission before doing this and as a result we would get only very few matches.


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Yes, you are right - I did think about the privacy regulations as well as mobile numbers are more personal compared to email addresses.

However, Facebook does allow uploading of a static list with email addresses or phone numbers to create custom audiences (Ref:, so I was going with my wishful thinking that it can be possible to get the phone number field available for matching through Marketo adbridge as well.

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