make all admins authorized support contacts, limit admin roles

make all admins authorized support contacts, limit admin roles

I think we should provision admin roles separately. For example, each subscription could automatically receive 4 or 5 admin licenses (sort of like Calendar licenses) and have the option to purchase additional admin licenses if they wish (also like Calendar). All admins would automatically be authorized support contacts.

This would have a number of benefits:

(1) It would incentivize customers to limit the number of admins in their subscription. Sometimes admin roles are handed out far too liberally, leading to major mistakes which can bring down all of the customers operations (i.e. someone who doesn't know what they're doing changes the landing page CNAME or modifies an API user). This would reduce the number of production-down incidents.
(2) It would encourage customers to resolve issues internally where possible. Since you would have to be an admin to contact support, basic marketing users would have to go through an admin first, who would often be able to resolve the issue - particularly for basic how-to questions.
(3) Most importantly, it would make contacting Support simple and easy for customers! New customers often get flustered quickly by the authorized contacts system. Let's make it simple! Want to contact Support? You just have to be an admin.

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Great idea, Grant!  I ran into this issue myself and I think it's a bit strange that there is a limit on Support contacts and that even though you may be an Admin in your instance, it doesn't necesarily mean you have permissions to contact support. 

However, I think there is two deeper issue when it comes to assigning the Admin role to multiple Marketo users. One being Marketo's lack of customizable permissions, especially on the folder or program level. Compared to other platforms like Salesforce, it makes Marketo's permissions look like they are a product feature, not a security measure. The second issue is that there isn't a lot of updated information on what the current available permissions are and what they mean, so there can be confusion about what individual users need to have enabled in order to get work done. Marketo's user permissions and roles have a long way to go in both cases in my opinion.

+1 to simplifying the process of contacting the awesome folks at Marketo Support.
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This is a pretty interesting idea with a lot of deeper implications and major integration adjustments, but one that I think we can certainly review and discuss as potential new model at least within Support. 

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