Looking for a way to populate a token value dynamically from a form


Looking for a way to populate a token value dynamically from a form

Hi All,

One of the custom fields I use in SFDC is "Conversion Page" which is set (on my site's form) by the page title in a hidden field on submission of a form. What I'm trying to do is emmulate this setup in Marketo. 

So what I'm wondering is this: Has anyone used a dynamic value from URL or cookie to grab the page title? 

Example URL:

The conversion page would be "White paper name"

Why does this matter? I'm trying to use a single thank you page that uses the token for the conversion page. Now this setup works fine in our auto-responder emails, as I can set the conversion page in the flow. However when using that method - the thank you page does not have the abillity to pick up this value. 

Further - I'd like to be able to use this same form on our website with the abillity to grab the conversion page all the same. 

Any suggestions? Questions? 

Much appreciated,
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Have you tried {{trigger.name}} or {{trigger.trigger name}} ? I think you'll ultimately need some custom Javascript written to capture the page's title.
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We use {{trigger.Referrer}} - the only issue is it gives the full URL. I supposed we could use JS to pull the data we wanted out of the string, but for now we are making due with the long URL.
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I have not - Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

Pulling the whole URL could work with some custom Jscript so I can strip out the other characters.

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