List of records deleted from Marketo Database

List of records deleted from Marketo Database

We don't have any activity log or any smart list, where we can find out the list of deleted records. It is something like if we connect third party tool via API it will automatically delete the record from Marketo but without API we can't able to get this data that which person was getting deleted via API.

I would like to suggest to implement to get the list of records deleted from Marketo database, it can be any smart list or any activity log that we would easy to find out the data and the source of deletion.

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Good initiative  !

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Status changed to: No plans to build

At this time we have no plans to create this functionality beyond what is already possible via the API. It can be fetched ad-hoc with a few calls with a tool like Postman. 

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@mpatil Leads are usually deleted for a good reason.

Also if a person has requested a full data deletion under GDPR then there should be no way that the person can appear in a recovered list.

If the deleted records was an accident or mistake then Support can recover - within a short period of time.