Lead Database Dashboard - Update

Lead Database Dashboard - Update

I LOVE having a Lead Database Dashboard!  The ability to have a quick look at who we are currently able to market to is powerful information.

However, I think it would be more beneficial to have the following added to the dashboard instead of just the Marketable Lead number:

Number of Anonymous Leads
Number of Marketing Suspended

Number of Unsubscribed

It would also be nice to have a quick look at the actual database number used to compare to our licensed database size.


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Maybe it's been discussed, but just mentioning here for potential answer:

Do Unsubscribed count towards your overall DB #?

     I know that other MA services do not count this towards your DB size...

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What is the definition of Marketable Leads

What is the definition of Total Leads

RE: The Lead Database has an updated Summary Dashboard that includes total people database size, number of marketable leads, and a breakdown of leads by top five sources.

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Answer to my own question:


The Database Dashboard serves as a snapshot to help you quickly determine key attributes about your people within a workspace.
The graphs indicate total number of people, number of marketable people, as well as your top five person-acquiring sources.
Total People: The number of all-time people for that workspace.
Marketable People: The number of all-time people for the workspace, minus the following: people without an email address, people whose email has hard bounced, people that are blacklisted, people that have unsubscribed, people currently set to Marketing Suspended.
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I'd also include totals for all of your segments on the dashboard.

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