Known Visitor form should submit all form values

Known Visitor form should submit all form values

We are unable to use the Known Visitor form functionality as-is for a number of reasons. Here are four use cases that require the data to be posted to the activity log:

  1. We use hidden fields on forms to create and associate leads to programs in Dynamics. Those fields are set with My.tokens at the folder and program level. This feature does not currently support my.tokens.
  2. We use Domo as a data visualization tool, and it reads from the Marketo Activity Log. If a form fill has no data the result in Domo is useless.
  3. We have an external system that reads form fill data to validate it before passing the lead on to Dynamics. It fails because the required fields aren't there, and the lead never gets passed on.
  4. utm_parameter values are not captured in a Known Visitor form, which means there is no way to track the referring page in Marketo.

Functionality requested:

  1. Post all fields and data without requiring form.vals or form.addHiddenFields code
  2. Allow my.tokens in form.addHiddenFields and form.vals
  3. Read in utm parameters just like you do in a visible form

I have created a workaround for some of our highest trafficked pages, but the workaround isn't scaleable. It requires two forms and a lot of custom JavaScript on the page to pull in the values from the Marketo cookie.

I saw there was a similar "Idea" from 2014. It received over 250 votes, but nothing has changed. I would like to deploy this form feature on all of my pages worldwide (Marketo and otherwise), but it is unusable in its current iteration.

How many up-votes do I need to get this on Product's radar? How difficult would it be to just post all fields and data instead of suppressing them?

This feature would be a huge win if it blind posted all fields and data.

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