Internal Leads not Subject to Communication Limits

Internal Leads not Subject to Communication Limits

Include a list of leads who are exempt from the communication limits.  This list could include all internal leads, leads with a specific domain or 'seed list' members.  This solution would alleviate the pain point of checking to make sure an email deployed correctly every time a seed list memeber hits the communication limits and therefore does not receive the email.

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I suggest liking this similiar idea...
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Great idea, we hit this problem all the time with our internal Seed Lists. They think that mailings haven't gone out but actually it was just their lead record hitting the Comm Limit.
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Great idea!  It would awesome if there was also a way to easily toggle the communcations limits on/off for internal leads. I imagine you would want to enforce it sometimes when you are testing certain workflows.
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that link does not work anymore...

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We have this issue for our internal testing too. Would be very helpful to have an internal list that has no comm limits. This idea is similar if you want to vote it up too:  

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