Interesting Moment for 'Program Status is Changed' Trigger

Interesting Moment for 'Program Status is Changed' Trigger

It would be nice to have an interesting moment trigger for when a program status is changed.  For example, we have it set up so an interesting moment is created when someone registers for a webinar (fills out a form), however, when their program status changes from registered to attended, nothing happens since you can't create an interesting moment based on the change program status trigger.

Our sales team finds more value in knowing when a lead attends a webinar than when they simply register.

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This would be extremely beneficial for us as well. We have programs set up for advertising that are extremely complex and don't require people to fill out forms to get into the programs, but do collect UTM information. I'd love it if we were able to set up an "Added to Program" or "Program Status Changed" trigger for interesting moments so that I could show sales that their contacts are interacting with advertisements.

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Hi Sarah,

In fact, the "program status is changed" trigger exists:


What you probably need is an interesting moment token, in the form of {{}} that would work in the context of this trigger to use in the interesting moment flow step.

In the meantime, you can use multiple smart lists in the choices to set the IM as you see fit.

see here: Custom Interesting Moments


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