Insightera Campaign Functionality - Do not show this message again

Insightera Campaign Functionality - Do not show this message again

Please add a "Do not show this message again" option in an RTP Dialog campaign. Currently users who are presented with a modal campaign can only A.) wait the predetermined time limit for the modal to close automatically B.) can click on the "X" in the top right corner.

Users do not have the option to discontiniue seeing the modal if they return after their session expires (30 minutes). We have over 1.4 million page views a month as our users access our site multiple times a day. This makes running RTP campaigns annoying from a users perspective if they cannot be coookied so they can opt out to not see the modal several times a day.

This is a standard best practice when serving popups and right now we only run campaigns once a week and manually have to turn them off.

I would like to mention that aside from this basic functionality flaw the tool is great and I would recommend it to anyone but not without adding the feature I have mentioned.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the idea for Dialog campaigns,

I'll take it into account when we enhancing the campaign features and functionality.

I wanted to let you know about our User Context API, which can help in this example.

The User Context API stores the visitor's browsing history for up to the last 10 visits related to Personalized campaign impressions and clicks and also any other custom variables set.

(See more info here:

So you can know if a visitor saw a campaign (impressions) or engaged with a campaign (clicked) and then can react respectively (by either showing them the next campaign or not showing any campaign).

You can also define custom varialbles with this, so if a visitor browsed a product page, the next time they come back to the site, we know they were interested in that product and can promote related content to that product or relevant products.

If you interested in exploring this route using the User Context API, contact Marketo support and they can help you set it up.

Good luck,


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