Insert new leads only

Insert new leads only

Can we find a way / function to insert new leads only when importing a list? (i.e. skip existing ones).

For example, client has a CRM not synched to Marketo and they manually migrate data from CRM to Marketo once a month - they want only the new leads to come across, because for the existing ones, the data quality in Marketo is perceived as better than in CRM.@

Tried experimenting with the "skip new leads and updates" functionality but to no avail.

Nicol Batra

Level 6 - Champion

Hi Nicol,

Go to admin and then to field management. Go to your most important fields. For each field you can block field updates. For list imports (trusted and/or untrusted) you can set if the list upload should overwrite or block field updates. By doing so it will only populate empty fields with new data, but not overwrite existing data. Something you should always set and cosider for list uploads. Please let me know if you require any help setting this up.



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