Improvement in Search Function in Design Studio

Improvement in Search Function in Design Studio

The search function in the Design Studio seems to have gone backwards in terms of functionality. Searching by keywords no longer produces results, rather you must know the exact name of the file you are searching for, which is not feasible. Since we can no longer toggle back to the "old" experience, this is going to create a significant decrease in user-friendliness.

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Yes!! Please find this ASAP!

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I have been working in new UX in Design Studio today and find the search feature to be working on just a word or few letters related to an image name.

Where are you search limitations? In Images and Files area or individual folders?


My search results find images across all folders which can also be sorted by newest to oldest.

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Hi Zoe, please see screenshots below. In the first screenshot, you can see a list of images in one of our image folders in Design Studio. You can see one image with NewZealand in the file name. In the second screenshot, you can see that I searched the word "new" and no results were found.



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I stated this months ago and got no where with it, so, I'm hoping this post does better. Doing the search query "starts with" is not best practice nor it is a good user experience. Needs to be "contains" or something like that.

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Please work on this. This is rather annoying.

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Hello, while there doesn't seem to be a fix for the issue of being unable to search by keyword, I found that if you click on the "open in new window" button on the top right of the page of the "default" section, the asset manager inside the window is still working on the old UI that allows you to search by keywords






I hope this helps others, I would have spent hours trying to find the asset I needed without this.