Improve MS Dynamics Enable-Disable Sync Status Behavior


Improve MS Dynamics Enable-Disable Sync Status Behavior

Currently, it is far too easy to inadvertently enable or disable your MS Dynamics CRM sync. Yes, I speak from experience. And you will find that, having done so, it is highly likely that you will only discover the error after other business processes and stakeholders have been negatively affected.


Not only is the control for this critical core function an unreasonably small icon on the tool bar tab, but clicking this control does not result in any confirmation/caution message indicating that the enabling or disabling of a vital system integration is in question. There is a very brief message that appears in the upper right hand corner that tells you that you have either turned it on or off but this could be seen as a very weak solution. Messages like that can easily be interpreted as confirming what you think you have done. I meant to re-enable my sync. I see that little message, it says the sync has been re-enabled. Close that message. We should see a clearer message about what we are about to do.


In fact, this standard confirmation behavior exists for most other assets and elements within Marketo, including such trivial actions as deleting empty folders, or programs with no members/activity/assets, and smart lists with no filters and no usage.


This situation is compounded by the fact that there is no Admin accessible data trail on this functionality or these events. There is no indication when the sync was established. When it was interrupted. When it was re-established, and by whom. There is no event entry created on the Admin Audit Trail when DCRM syncs are enabled or disabled.


The aforementioned "small icon" control for this critical integration displays what could be classified as confusing language: Disable Sync - "Is the CRM sync disabled? Do I click the icon to disable it? Is it actually enabled? If so, why doesn't it say that?" Enable Sync -  "That means it's 'Enabled', right?"

I feel for any Marketo admin with dyslexia. Sync Disabled OR Disable Sync. Which is it? 


Add to this, that the little icon itself does not change at all regardless of the sync being Disable (meaning it is actually Enabled) or Enable (meaning it is actually... you know... or is it the other way around?).


Why not report on connection "up" time, "down" time? Why not enable email notifications subscriptions for Sync Enable/Disable events?


This area of Marketo is long overdue for a major overhaul. Not just everything above but the entire native sync with Dynamics.


Come on Adobe, you're killing me.