Images management enhancements are needed in Marketo

Images management enhancements are needed in Marketo

I think the community would agree with me - especially those members of global organizations - that the image management capabilities in Marketo is severely lacking and could use a complete overhaul.  Our Marketo instance consists of 20+ workspaces (hundreds of program, thousands of images).  We try to share as many assets within the default/global workspace as possible (email and landing page templates, images, and snippets (unfortunatey forms cannot be shared at this time)).  This is especially important for images since we have so many that are used across all of our workspaces.  Just this week, I've encountered the following issues when working with shared images/folders:

  • If I'm a marketer with access to only my country workspace (not the global/default workspace) and need to upload an image to specific shared folder, I'm unable to do so.  I get a "you do not have sufficient privileges to perform this action" error.
  • [FIXED] When viewing a shared images folder, the thumbnail view does not work - only list view.  Users must be able to view thumbnails of our images.
  • [FIXED] When trying to add a shared image into a landing page, none of the shared folders are listed - just the parent "images and files" folder (containing thousands of images).  This approach is completely unusable in our environment.
  • The "Used By" value when looking at the image properties does not work.  It always displays "None" (when an image is placed using the actual URL/link, and not using the "Insert Image" element).  So there's no way to determine if it's OK to delete an image during a regular clean-up period.

One obvious enhancement would be to respect the folder structures (treat folders like they are intended to be used) and allow images to be uploaded to that folder, even if the image name already exists. See a recent discussion on this here:

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And this one as well:


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