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Managing images across multiple workspaces

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Chris Francis
We have 21 country workspaces in our instance of Marketo (and each of the country marketers only have access to their specific workspace).  Each workspace in Design Studio includes sub-folders within the main Images folder: COMMON (for common images like logos, button and other reusable elements) and CAMPAIGN (for campaign-specific images like custom email banners, etc).  While working in one of the country workspaces today, I attempted to upload an image to the COMMON folder (actually the folder is named "COMMON (USA)" since folder names must be unique).   After clicking the UPLOAD button, nothing uploaded.  After further investigation, I found out that this same image also existed within the GLOBAL/DEFAULT workspace.  So is true that all images - regardless of which workspace they exist - must be uniquely named?  If so, can the community share some best practices for managing images across multiple workspaces?