Guided LP enhancements

Guided LP enhancements

The purpose of this idea is to start collecting ideas to enhance the fresh new and awesome Guided landing pages.

  • Being able to choose the templates with a picker (as the email picker) would be really a plus for the users. See
  • Make the LP templates really modular, as emails are. See , and , as well as  . {display:none} still leaves the code in the LP, which might have various drawbacks, starting with the fact that hidden sections still have to be loaded, which slows down the LP display
  • Enable select / drop list in text variables, in order to limit data entry errors.
  • Enable date and datetime variables. See
  • enable select / drop lists in color variables, to make it easier, reduce errors and limit usable values. See Michael Roper comment below. We could even use a color palette for color variables, being set by the admin. see
  • Have variable to display (in the landing page edit) in the order they are created and not in a Marketo arbitrary order. Usually, the designer will create them in an order that makes sense for the future user. Marketo show them in a order than apparently depends on the type of the variable. See
  • Have dependent variables, similar to the visibility rules in the Forms 2.0 See
  • Enable minimum scripting to leverage boolean or text variable. for instance, I would have a text variable with 3 possible values and 3 zones. depending on the value in the text variable, only 1 of the 3 zones would appear.
  • enable HTML boxes (see ​ Thx Courtney Grimes
  • enable to set min and max sizes for images (in pixels), to avoid users to set images either too big (and therefore too heavy to download) or too small. It is important that one can set min / max width, but leave height free, though. See
  • Enable to set max length to text variables. (See )
  • Enable to set Alt values for mktoImg elements See (Again)
  • enable to switch to external path for images and in this case prompt for image URL (Let's say I want to reuse an image from my web site...) See again
  • Plain text regions. See
  • Make all type of elements "segmentable" (apparently only text elements are) so that one could have a different image or form, depending on the segment. (Thx JD Nelson ). EDIT: in fact this is already available, but you cannot segment an element until you have first populated it. It would better if it one could segment it event when empty.
  • Make variables "segmentable" (so that we could change color, change a tiltle or make a region visible or not, based on segment). (Thx JD Nelson). See
  • Create a "Script" variable type. When in the template, it would enable the user pick an "application/javascript" type file or switch to a external URL and provide the script URL
  • Create a "Script enabling" toggle variable. The template designer would add this variable and design it to point to a script file stored in Marketo or externally or even enter the script in an editor. The User would be able to activate or deactivate the script just pushing the toggle. Better than the script variable as it leaves less initiative to the user, and therefore, less risk for errors. Example of toggles would be "Add a GA event on form post".
  • Add a "Hide from MSI web activity" in a "Landing Page Properties" -> "page properties" dialog. (See comments below and here )
  • Authorize 2 elements to have the same ID. In which case they would exactly have the same value. The use case of this is that I may have 2 images, one appearing on certain devices and the other appearing on other devices, with different placement. I would have to enter it once only and the system would make sure that both zones remain identical. See
  • Have token picklist for variables, so that when one want to use a token in a variable, he/she can pick and existing token, instead of having to type it or paste it from somewhere else
  • Have background image variables that would enable to pick an image in variable and would render the image URL, so that it could be used in CSS and/or html background without coding
  • Add more documentation about customizing sections, the edit bar and toggles (Thx Nichole Trobare)
  • Allow for reorderable sections. Together with repeatable and removable ones, this would make for a very flexible template.
  • Make it impossible to approve an LP if meta data is missing. See
  • Enable to use tokens in Page Meta tags. See
  • Use tokens in variable definition. See Token Error Message in Guided Landing Page Template
  • The possibility to set a default form for mktoForm elements in a Landing page template. See How do I set a default form on guided LP template? , Thx Olivia Piper and also
  • The possibility to leave some variables without a default and make them mandatory. See
  • The possibility to manage <A> links with images. See
  • Make it easy to add JS code or tags to a page. See , Thx Courtney Grimes
  • Improving the code editor would also be a real plus. See , thx Joe Schaeffer

Please contribute in below and let's make this a collective work to make the new Guided LP the best ones on the market.


Level 10

That's interesting point regarding SEO. If its still there with dummy text but hidden and search engine can still index on this is a big concern.

The ability to turn on/off sections is great for my marketo builders but not to the expense of effecting my SEO

Level 2

+1 for all those ideas, especially better toggling of code blocks, and for the HTML box/block - very key to being able to add things like custom scripts/styles specific to a particular LP.

One thing that I've always liked about the email editor that isn't on the LP editor is the "Replace HTML" option, which lets you access the raw HTML of the whole page, and 'disconnects' it from the original template. Would love to be able to do this for landing pages too...

I also really want a 'select' element too, even if it is extending the string element to supply an array of pre-defined values. Even further from that, it would be great to be able to supply a mktoColor element an array of pre-defined color values to pick from, maybe displayed as swatches instead of a color wheel? This would let us easily restrict users to on-brand colours without them having to remember hex codes.

<meta class="mktoColor" id="color" mktoName="My Color Variable" options="#666666,#336699,#660099,#3333ff" default="#666666">

Level 10

After further investigation, it appears that elements hidden with a display:none css entry will not directly impact SEO as it is ignored by search engines. Yet, it will still make the page unnecessarily heavier and slower to download.

Not applicable

Not to mention the section will show in old browser versions (which I just found out unfortunately- in IE8 my page is a complete mess)

Level 10

Adding the possibility to hide a landing page from MSI web activity. Typically, some landing pages such as follow-up pages for forms have no value in MSI.

Level 10

Adding the token picklist for variables

Level 10

Adding the dependent variables with visibility rules

Level 10

Adding the "" idea

Level 10

Adding the possibility to set the Alt attribute in the Image selection dialog for Image elements

Level 10

Adding the need to use tokens in variable definition.