Grouping of Program Tokens

Grouping of Program Tokens

When creating a large amount of Tokens within a program, there is currently no way to organize and group together tokens without a naming convention to order them. The ability to add and group up together multiple tokens under a specific header to correctly organize different groups of the tokens will make larger scale flows with the requirement of more tokens to be more maintainable. I've created a small mock-up to display the idea.


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We are using tokens in our confirmation emails. We have it set up so when someone fills out a form on our site they will receive a confirmation email.

We have tokens that are inherited at the program level. We only have to make that edit once and it will reflect across all the programs.


We then have tokens for each section of an email. We have the from name, the body of the email, and the subject line. We have an email template that supports the token that we have built in that email template. I then reference it at the time that I am building out the customized confirmation email.

Here is a sample of how that section looks.


Is this what you are looking for? Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Like Stuart said, "without a naming convention to order them."  The only reason yours appear to be grouped is that you use a naming convention.

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