Forms 2.0 - Field Height

Forms 2.0 - Field Height


Can you please give us the ability to adjust the field height in Forms 2.0? If you're trying to create a vertical form (which I am), it's impossible to do without custom coding or having a huge amount of space between each field. 

I see we can easily adjust Field would be great to have a Field Height option as well.

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Or please tell us how to change that manually. I tried in different ways (with css) but none of them work!
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Very old thread, but for people still searching how to do this, here it is:

If you have no experience editing the CSS of Marketo forms, follow these steps. If you know what this is, just use the css below.

  1. On the "Form Theme" page of the form editor, click the gear icon to the far right and select "Edit Custom CSS."Edit Custom  CSS - Screenshot.JPG
  2. Copy and past the following code:

    .mktoForm .mktoOffset {
          float: left !important;
          height:0px !important;

This will remove all vertical space between the fields. If you would like some space, just change the the height from "0px" to what ever you'd like. Personally I recommend 5px.

Hope this helps someone!

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