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Form Fields

Not sure if this is even possible, but adding in the functionality that a field can be overwritten or added to.  We have a field that should have the latter, but as it is now, when we do a list upload, the field is overwritten with new value only. Would be nice to have the ability to add to a field with multiple list values.
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There is a workaround for this:

1) Create a text field (i.e. Content Interest)
2) Add this field to your form
3) Change the field type from "Text" to "Checkboxes"
4) Click on "Edit Values" and enter in the values you want (i.e. webinar, eBook, datasheet, video, whitepaper)

Then, when the lead visits the form, when they select multiple values (let's say webinar, datasheet, whitepaper), the value written to the Content Interest field will be "webinar; datasheet; whitepaper"

Not ideal to have them clicking each individual value in checkboxes, a multi-select picklist though would be ideal for these situations. 

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That helps a lot!  

How would that work with a list upload?  Or can it?
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Hey Karen,

A big one for us is the Person Notes section. We don't want to overwrite the existing data, but don't want to add notes one by one. The way we manage this is by creating a Comments field. We import any notes utilizing that field and then have a couple of data management campaigns that concatenates the Person Notes field with the Comments field adding the date at the same time. Then, we clear the comments field for the next time it needs to be used.
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I'd be interested to learn more about how you have these campaigns set up to do this, Jeff.  I've run into the same issue where at times I don't want a field to overwrite existing data, but would like to add additional information to it.  
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Hey Valerie,

My flow steps start with a wait step of a minute (I use that a lot just to give the system time to catch up). Then I use the Change Data Value with 2 choices:

Choice 1
If: Person Notes is empty
Attribute: Person Notes   New Value: {{lead.Comments}}

Choice 2: 
If: Person Notes is not empty
Attribute: Person Notes   New Value: {{lead.Person Notes}}, {{}}: {{lead.Comments}}

Default: Do Nothing

Then I have another wait step for a few minutes, again, to let the system catch up. Lastly, we have a Change Data Value step:

Attribute: Comments   New Value: NULL

Hope that makes sense!

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I assumed it had something to do with field tokens, but I wasn't sure if you could "merge" those two fields into one using them.  That's awesome, thank you for sharing, Jeff!
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