Filter Custom Date Fields in RCE as Date Fields

Filter Custom Date Fields in RCE as Date Fields

Custom date fields are currently being treated by RCE as strings. It makes it impossible to create dashboards with this since we can't filter by date ranges (past 7 days, past 3 months, etc.)

It would be great to see custom date fields being treated as real date fields so we can create dynamic dashboards!

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RJ Andaya, thank you for bringing this up. I'm running into this problem right now as well.

My initial thoughts are to set up a scheduled batch campaign that updates a custom boolean field, which in turn is synched to RCE as a Dimension. So if you want reported data on sends from the last 30 days, you'd schedule a daily Smart Campaign that updates the field "In past 30 days" from yes or no accordingly... then you could add that to the filter in your RCE report. As long as your qualification rules in your Smart Campaign allow repeat updates that should work out.

Does that make sense? That's not the cleanest, most efficient way to do things, but it would give you the results you'd want.

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Here's how I set up an updated Boolean logic Smart Campaign that would run nightly:


Then inside of the RCE you'd add the following filter:


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